Market Research Panels

More than decade of experience in rewards communities and panel management drives P2Supply's white and private label panels and we leverage this expertise to ensure your success. Your respondents will benefit from our unwavering commitment to a flawless user experience plus an intuitive, responsive design. You will be working with a partner that has the experience and agility to meet your needs.

Cost savings

Looking to run your own surveys and gather important data? Our platform gives you a very cost-effective and fast way to build your own panel and begin collecting data. Moreover, our existing large inventory of surveys ensure panelists remain engaged and active, even if you don’t always have something for them to do.

24-Hour Launches

We offer one-day setup with no upfront risk, and our suite of test protocols ensure a smooth launch. We run these at no additional cost to you, so you are up and running quickly.  No other panel company offers this level of agility.

Latest Technology

Our white label solution uses all the same tools we use and have perfected at P2Sample. We’re constantly implementing the very latest technology, such as automation and artificial intelligence (AI), to ensure our platform is the top performer in the space.

Free Optimization & Consultation

Our experience shows that the difference between success and failure is optimization of respondent flow. As proof of our commitment to your success, we freely consult with you during and after launch to optimize completion rates and retention. Your panelists will have a better experience, and you will get better quality data.

Optimized Respondent Experience

We built our platform to optimize the respondent experience. It starts with intelligent profiling. Our system asks each member only once for specific demographics. Our proprietary algorithms use that data to match the user with the survey that maximizes her/his likelihood to qualify and complete. This means less frustration for users and better data for you.

Case Study: SurveyRewardz

SurveyRewardz is a longest-serving panel on our platform and uses the same state-of-the-art technology and and techniques available to you.

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